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Frequently asked questions

1. Open the message sent to you.
2. Scroll down to the download link.
3. Click on the link and you will be immediately connected to the service content portal.
4. The download will start automatically.
5. When the download is finished, just save it.
6. Have fun with your product! Important notice: Never click interrupt during the download! Wait until the download is finished.

Please make sure that the WAP settings on your phone are correctly configured. Depending on the brand of your mobile, you need to set the WAP Push setting to "On", "Allow all", "Always", or "Receive all". Here are some hints on where to locate this setting. Nokia: - Services > Settings > Service Inbox settings - Messaging > Settings > Service Msg. Motorola: - Messages > Browser Msgs > Menu Button > Browser Msg Setup - Messages > Browser Messages > Browser Msg Setup LG: - Internet > Push Messages > Receive Samsung: - Fun Box > WWW Services > Push Messages > Setting - Fun Box > Wap Browser Sony-Ericsson: - Messaging > WAP Push > Allow Push - Wap Services > Push Messages - Messaging > Wap Push If in doubt, please refer to your mobile's manual or ask your mobile's manufacturer for assistance.

The content items -screensavers, ringtones and games- are too big to be send by SMS. To get these items on your phone you have to download those by WAP. You receive this bookmark for that reason. The bookmark directs you to a downloadpage where you can download your order. Please check your WAP settings on your phone before you download your item. With some phones you don't receive a bookmark, but a download url. Please consult the instructions guide of your phone, when you encounter problems.

Some wallpapers, ringtones or mobile games are too big to download with the default WAP settings. You get this error message: Too large to send back. Change your WAP settings to continue and try again.

Your WAP settings are probably not correct. Check your WAP settings at your mobile providers website and try again.

Please check for a description of the services, costs and billing methods.

To order the service on the website, please enter your phone number, click "Continue", and immediately you will be provided with a SMS with all order details. Please reply to this SMS to continue with the registration process. Follow the instructions provided in the SMS in order to confirm your subscription. The charge will be deducted by your mobile network operator either from your prepaid balance or charged to your monthly bill, depending on your contract with your network operator.

You can cancel a service at any time. Cancellation takes effect immediately. Please note that the service can be shown again on your monthly invoice from your mobile network operator, as the network operators' bookings are retro-actively.

The link to Our content store, we have provided to you by SMS is open to use and download all the applications you want till you terminate your subscription with us. You can download as many items as you wish for that time period.

We currently do not sell individual content. You can order an available service.

Pricing and services

You can cancel the service any time: Send a sms STOP to 57030 (please carefully check from which shortcode you have received our service messages). You can also call our customer care number 0035314372478 or send an email to

It is possible to receive messages from 57030 from another service provider. To cancel all messages you have to send STOP to 57030 in order to cancel all your subscriptions.

On our website the price and terms of the service are mentioned. When you subscribe to our service you receive first a SMS message with the price information as well. When you confirm this SMS message then you are subscribed to our service and then the charges will occur.

Select a product or service that you would like to order. By clicking on the link, you will be taken directly to an order page where you need to enter your mobile number. Click Continue, and you will immediately be provided with a SMS with all order details. Please reply this SMS with YES to continue with the registration process. You are subscribed to the services and are granted access to the service content portal where you can select the content for your mobile phone. The content will be provided to you through the network of your mobile network operator.

It is possible that you do not remember that you have subscribed to the service. In order to subscribe to the service you receive a message first that you have to confirm. Only when that is done you are subscribed. Always make sure that nobody else has access to your phone and is able to subscribe your phone number to our service without your permission. Check the messages you receive very well and from which number you receive them. Are the messages not send from number 57030 then contact your mobile operator customer care.

On our website and promotions it is mentioned that persons under 18 have to ask explicit permission from their parents or guardian. We cannot be held responsible or accountable if a minor child subscribes without parental permission. To unsubscribe you can send an SMS with STOP to 57030 (from your child’s phone). Or you can send a mail to our customer service with a request to unsubscribe: We act according the guidelines of the local mobile operators.

Probably someone has (accidentally) submitted your mobile phone number to one of our websites. Please ignore the confirm message (which is free of charge) provided to you in case you did not request our service yourself and when you do not wish to subscribe to our service.

In order to make sure your download will work on your phone, get the correct WAP/Internet settings for your mobile phone now. Please refer to your mobile's manual or ask your mobile's manufacturer for assistance.

When you subscribe to the offered service during the promotion period you will automatically participate in this promotion. To order the service, please enter your phone number on the website and will immediately send you an SMS with all order details. Please reply to this SMS to continue with the registration process.

All participants in this promotion stand an equal chance to win the communicated prize. After closure of the promotion period the winner of the prize will be drawn among all participants.

Yes, you can participate in multiple promotions and play for more prizes. Only one entry per person per promotion.

Persons under the age of 18 without the consent of legal guardian or parent as well as employees of Celmaxx Ireland and their immediate families and agencies and companies associated with games and competitions are ineligible to enter the competitions or to take part in the promotion.

Within one week after the draw of the winner, the winner will be personally contacted. The winner will be contacted during two consecutive days, twice a day. If the phone is not answered personally, no claims can be made to the prize. In case the winner cannot be reached, the prize will be allocated to another participant by draw. The result is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Within 3 weeks we will deliver the prize at the residential address provided by the winner. Celmaxx Ireland reserves the right, in reasonable circumstances to transfer an equivalent prize or a prize to a comparable or greater value if the advertised prize for any reason is not available. The prize must be accepted as offered, and is not transferable or severable. Any postage or courier charges will be borne by the winner.

Please check the website for the costs and billing methods of the service. No additional costs shall be applicable to participate in a promotion.